Foresight Augmented Reality Celebrates the Completion of its Pilot with Sixthman Festivals At Sea

Together, We #Gofar! Is The Motto Of This Remarkable Company Who Is Letting The Blind See

Foresight Augmented Reality (FAR) has announced the successful completion of their first deployment on a cruise ship and music festival. The company provides a technology solution to help people who are blind or visually impaired to better navigate and understand their environments. They just completed a pilot test of their solution on Norwegian Cruise Line during five Sixthman Festivals at Sea. These five festivals have been exciting and thrilling for the attendants, and the FAR team is extremely pleased with the results of the pilot.

“We are helping businesses to become visually impaired-friendly, enabling greater independence and access for their customers through our smart technologies.” Said Tara Williams, the Co-Founder and CEO of FAR. “We are excited about the completion of our pilot and continuing to expand the reach of the FAR Solution to more visually impaired users.” She added.

The FAR Solution can already be found in a wide range of businesses from restaurants to salons to office buildings. The applications for this system are immeasurable.

The five Sixthman festivals in the FAR pilot are not only exciting but also one of a kind experience for those who attend. These include The Rock Boat, Sail Across the Sun, Cayamo, Outlaw Country Cruise and 311 Caribbean Cruise. Sixthman is known for creating festivals at sea that are designed to make every event memorable. The company has been organizing these great and adventurous festivals since 2001 and is nearing its goal of taking 1 million people on vacation.

The tagline for this amazing event at sea is ‘Together, we #GoFAR!’ and there is no limit to how far they can go. The response has been tremendous with visually impaired and blind users thanking FAR for their amazing aids and services which have turned out to be life changing for them and their families. The cause of FAR is noble, and highlights how technology can be used effectively to augment physical limitations. The dedicated team of professionals working at FAR make the impossible possible, living up to its motto of dedication in service to the fullest. More details are available on the FAR website,

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