Cool Blind Tech – Foresight AR Beacons Help Visually Impaired Travelers A Way to Navigate Independently

Excerpt from article:

The company installs their connected beacons near entrances, exits, and inside brick-and-mortar businesses, from government buildings to public parks, to your local shops and large shopping malls, says Williams. An accompanying smartphone app allows users to look up locations nearby that are accessible and navigate to them using bluetooth technology.

The app provides vocal directions to the location users want to travel to, as well as indoor navigation and any safety hazard warnings. The beacons, place in different spots around the business, work in sync with the app to provide detailed instructions.

For example, the app would provide a vocal countdown to get the user to the entrance of a business. Restaurants can add menus to the app, as braille menus are often not readily available.

In this way, beyond serving as an accessibility tool, FAR allows businesses to directly target this largely underserved group of potential customers.

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